794 Mago Vista Road – Magothy Estates – SOLD

794 Mago Vista Road is a beautiful 2 bedroom duplex townhome in Magothy Estates. The home is completely renovated with new finishings and floors and shows “LIKE NEW”. The kitchen has upgraded cabinets and stainless steel appliances, and the two full baths have new fixtures and tile floors. What makes the property unique from its neighbors is a large 15′ x 15′ addition in the back of the home that opens from the kitchen / dining area with a patio door to the large backyard. Behind the backyard is a large 3+ acre community park that is like an extension of the backyard giving lots of space to enjoy. The property is well priced at $242,950, please call the McConkey Team today at 410-544-6424 to make an appointment.

Sales price is $242,950. With FHA financing the purchaser would need a minimum downpayment of $8,503. Approximate payment at current rates would be $1,452 including principal, interest, taxes and insurance, which is comparable to about $1,066 in rent after tax deductions assuming a 28% tax bracket. That means that if you are paying more than $1,066 in rent, the payment on this house, after tax deductions, would be cheaper than what you are now paying in rent. Try the Rent vs. Buy Comparison Calculator for more detailed information.

794 Mago Vista Road

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For more information please contact The McConkey Team at 202-255-1900, or E-mail at Info@SellDC.Com .

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